I just noticed today on the cover of EETimes that the Embedded Systems Conference is giving away free passes to the "Expo"-type activity. The Embedded Conferance takes place in San Francisco, at the Moscone Convention Center, March 8-10. Ironically, Rob and I will be in SF March 9-12 for the GDC and, since it looks like we're missing some of the goodies at GDC (like the Awards ceremony and the Booth Crawl), it seems that we might be able to check it out, at least go look at some of the booths.

The only other thing that could make this more interesting is if the Scotch Tasting Festival that is supposed to take place in SF on March 5th gets delayed by one week 😉

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  1. Rob says:

    Wow, two of my favourite things in the same building. This just gets better and better. I’m all signed up. It’s through CMP so it’s the same login you used to register for GDC.

  2. Jeff Schiller says:

    Wow. I hadn’t gone that far in case you weren’t really interested. I’ll probably sign up Monday unless I get some free time this weekend. Let’s put some of the details in the Scratch Pad and then port it into the itinerary. Trip is definitely going to be busy, productive, fun and interesting!