We attended another session at 5:30 PM Thursday regarding Hollywood production companies. The speaker drew some interesting parallels to the movie industry of the 1920s and how the business model eventually changed such that the major Hollywood studios “farm” their productions/films out to production companies. The speaker also suggested that eventually we will probably see the video game industry shift towards this model. Read the rest of this entry …

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We attended the last half of the “State of the Mobile Games Industry” discussion this morning at the GDC. Most of the members on the panel had a lot of cogent points to think about. Read the rest of this entry …

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Well, we got into Oakland, CA a little late tonight (about 11 PM PST). At the Dollar Car Rental desk, I somehow managed to sweet-talk the 60-year old Asian man into getting us a better car (a PT-Cruiser instead of a Dodge Neon). Uhhh…I guess it’s time to recalibrate my “sweet talking” skills… Read the rest of this entry …

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Well, we’re heading off to San Francisco and the GDC today. I found out at the last minute that Enterprise Rental Car was only open until 10 PM so I had to switch things over to Dollar, which is open 24 hours (and costs about $30 more).

Anyway, blogging may be relegated to a secondary task for the next few days, but then again I’d like to be able to blog about my experience in “real-time” so we’ll see how that goes.

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Joshua picked up the habit a few days ago of saying “Dad” in this long drawn-out way as if he’s exasperated or embarassed by my behavior. Say it out loud now with the proper dip in pitch in the middle to see what I mean: “Daaaa-aaad”. What’s even funnier is that sometimes his D’s are softer, more like T’s and his A’s sometimes sound a bit like O’s. Thus, sometimes it sounds like my one-year old son is admonishing someone named “Todd”….

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