Via Opera Watch. Opera is set to make an announcement regarding changes to its desktop browser revenue model. Most speculate that Opera will finally remove its ads in the free version of the browser to put it on the same playing ground as Mozilla Firefox. This is something Opera should have done a long time ago while at the same time charging for its mobile browser and expanding its product portfolio (possibly moving into the content generation space?). Trying to make a successful company based on desktop browser revenues when there are free alternatives out there for every single operating system is just insane, I’m surprised they’ve been able to do it.

The announcement will undoubtedly coincide with Opera’s Virtual Party on Aug. 30th celebrating its 10-year anniversary where a “HUGE surprise” will be unveiled.

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Via the svg-developers mailing list, the following report on the SVG Open 2005 conference has been written.

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If you’ve been reading this blog at all, you know how geeked I am about vector graphics. SVG seems to be a promising technology that will open the web and desktop to vector graphics for everyone, while Flash is a technology that has been ubiquitous for almost a decade. Well, it looks like the Khronos Group is getting serious about hardware-accelerated vector graphics support. The OpenVG 1.0 specifications were released last month. Read the rest of this entry …

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Since I spent the last 6 months or so getting geeked about web development, SVG, JavaScript, Ajax and XML. I think it’s about time I shift my focus back for a little while on some standard C++ game development for the desktop. I find that my mind naturally migrates every so often (usually 6 months) between interests/hobbies that I have. It’s like my brain is saying that it needs a breather from obsessing about one thing so it’s time to obsess on another. Mild OCD anyone? Read the rest of this entry …

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Our library kicks ass. It’s about 3 blocks away so it’s often a place to take the boys and let them blow off steam looking at puzzles, playing with puppets or picking out books. We’ve even picked out some DVDs for them (mostly discs in the Baby Einstein series: Baby Mozart, Baby Newton and Baby Beethoven). The kids love those DVDs, but we have had a hard time keeping their TV watching to under 30-40 minutes/day (I know, still too much for 17-month olds, but c’est la vie). Read the rest of this entry …

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