I just got a notice that there were updates available for my Windows 2000 system (I get these whenever security updates are issued). I clicked on it and it told me that a new tool will be downloaded to do a one-time sweep of my system for common viruses (Sasser, MyDoom) and eliminate them. This tool will be issued monthly by Microsoft and will also be available from their website to download and manually run. Not bad! Though there is a sensible disclaimer that this tool should not be used in place of traditional antivirus software.

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Via the Yahoo! SVG Developer mailing list.

Now that Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 is making its way to the more general public, an increasing number of people are wondering why they are not able to see some SVG content in the Firefox browser. Apparently the SVG examples on Adobe’s SVG Zone are the biggest culprits, with a Mozilla representative stating that they are non-compliant, yet are rendered by the less-strict Adobe SVG Viewer. An Adobe representative has admitted that the SVG content on their websites are largely non-compliant, that they had been informed several months ago but have not been able to update the content to make it compliant. Read the rest of this entry …

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It seems that every tech website out there is simultaneously mentioning that Firefox 1.5 Beta was released and that there was a security flaw detected (PCWorld, ZDNet, Slashdot) .

Anyway, Mozilla released a workaround for this bug and it looks like that security flaw has also now been fixed. Look for this fix officially in Beta 2.

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The Mozilla SVG project is again calling for testing of another patch for SVG functionality:

It looks like SVG Events made it into Firefox 1.5, but it’s not clear whether textPath or filters would make it into the branch (Firefox 1.5) or if it would just remain in the trunk (Firefox 2.0 development branch). Go download the latest nightly trunk build (i.e. Firefox 2.0 development branch) and test it out.

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Let me tell you my wonderful story of how Windows cannot handle today’s mobile computing needs.

All last night I was working on a spreadsheet for work on my laptop, the laptop being plugged into my LAN and accessing the work LAN through a virtual private network. Being the dim-witted fool that I am, I didn’t save my work very often… Ah, foreshadowing, what an excellent literary tool… Read the rest of this entry …

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