Via PCWorld. Flock, a Mozilla-based browser, that’s getting a lot of buzz lately just went Beta this morning so I gave it a run. I’ll say up-front that I’m not a social bookmarking freak, meaning I don’t do the “ Dance” very often, though I do have some favourites stored there. Social bookmarking and tagging are really quite popular (,,, but the problem as I see it is that there are many many sites out there for that sort of thing. You either have to monitor all of them or you feel like you’re missing out. Nonetheless, I do blog so I thought I’d give Flock a spin. Read the rest of this entry …

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Via Opera Watch. Opera has just released a preview download of their web browser Version 9 that has improved SVG support (including SVG scripting!). Examples of code that now works can be seen with the menus of my site as well as my online Tetris game.

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I’ve had this happen a couple of times now, so I know I’m not alone: I monitor a lot of web feeds (RSS/Atom/RDF) using Mozilla Firefox‘s “Live Bookmarks” feature. Firefox is not the best web feed viewer, so I also recently started use RSSOwl, but my list of feeds in the browser far outweighs the list of feeds that I track using RSSOwl, and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to export the Live Bookmarks to OPML for importing into RSSOwl. Thus, I haven’t made the switch over to a dedicated web feed aggregator… yet… Anyway, as part of my morning ritual, I usually go get a nice and hot beverage, open up Firefox and check all my feeds to see if there are any new entries I might like to read. The way it’s supposed to work, Firefox lists the most recent entries first, so I usually just remember the title of the last entry I’ve read and base my scanning off of that. This can lead to problems though. Read the rest of this entry …

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Mileage may vary depending on your reading and voice acting skills, but I thought I’d list some books our boys have enjoyed in case there are any parents out there looking. Warning! This entry for parents only … and beware of shameless ads. Read the rest of this entry …

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NYT: ‘The challenge? Take any movie and cut a new trailer for it — but in an entirely different genre. Only the sound and dialogue could be modified, not the visuals”. The hilarious result.

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