We’re sitting in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Public Library in San Jose, California. Since I didn’t bring a laptop and my PDA keyboard is not working this is the only real opportunity I have to blog until I pry the laptop from Rob‘s cold, dead hands. Read the rest of this entry …

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Renesis finally released their pre-alpha technical preview SVG player. My biggest complaint is that it’s a standalone player that can’t access the web, but I’ll keep my complaints to a minimum because they’ve finally made good on their promises to release something. The sample SVG files that come with the player are nice, though!

On another front, Firefox‘s SVG Blog mentions that support for the SVG <textPath> element will likely be included in Firefox 2, which is good news. The alpha for Firefox 2 is due out next week. The earlier the better, I always say. Get it into more hands for testing. Hopefully they can also squeak in the DOM support for text that tor mentions.

Looks like the latest Opera 9 weekly build will be slightly delayed. Borg says they’ve made a lot of progress, hopefully this includes fixes to their proxy server issues which is preventing me from using the browser behind a firewall. We can always hope for improved SVG support too…

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Well, our twin sons, Joshua and Jacob are two years old today. Two years ago at this time I was trying to wrap my head around the concept of being a father for the rest of my life after meeting the boys for the first time face-to-face, meanwhile my wife was being stitched back together after her scheduled C-section.

At the time, I didn’t really know what it means to be a father. Although I had excellent examples in my own parents, it was still just a label. It was something that had never applied to me before so I had no way of knowing what it truly meant. I think I’m only beginning to understand that responsibility and that makes me appreciate my parents even more. Sam and I still turn to each other every few nights and say to each other “Can this really be happening?”

It’s been a challenging two years in many, many ways, but we consider ourselves very blessed.

Check out my photos on Flickr for some pictures I uploaded this morning.

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Remove the Caps-Lock key from the keyboard. In its place, put two smaller keys: Copy and Paste. Shift-Copy could be used for Cut.

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I reported about a month ago that Windows Live Mail (what will be the next Hotmail) didn’t support the Mozilla Firefox web browser very well. It looks like they’ve done an update since then because now I’m able to reply, forward and move my mail messages around using Firefox. Too bad the latest Opera 9 nightly build is still horribly broken (can’t get through a proxy), so I can’t check that…

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