I used to collect comic books as a kid throughout grade school and high school. Lately I’ve been getting nostalgic for those old superhero stories (maybe it’s the upcoming Superman movie, I dunno). I even checked out a couple graphic novels from the library to get my comic book fix. However, it struck me that the web is a great medium for getting readers to these stories. Read the rest of this entry …

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Stumbled upon WebDevOut today while listening to some feeds. Looks like a damn good resource for tracking web standards support across a variety of web browsers. Quite extensive, and apparently all tested by hand. He must not have a full-time job! 😉

Anyway, I’m watching his blog now and I look forward to when he has included tables for SVG support.

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Though I’ve had my share of Linux and Solaris boxes, my main system has been a Microsoft Windows box for well over a decade. Nonetheless, I’ve lately been wanting to play with other operating systems without having to deal with re-partitioning, worrying about bootloaders and what have you. Basically I want to have my cake and eat it too. Read the rest of this entry …

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Many of you might know the codename for the upcoming Firefox 2 is Bon Echo. But this thread is the first I’ve seen mention of the codename for Firefox 3: Gran Paradiso.

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Via All Forces.

Microsoft publicly stated IE will have core engine support for SVG in IE7.x (most likely 7.2)

That’s the first I’ve heard of an IE 7.2. Anyway, at least now I have a copy of Chris Wilson’s slides from MIX06. See my thoughts on this presentation.

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