The latest WebKit nightly now has a decent amount of SVG+SMIL (animation) coverage. By my old school grading system, that gives WebKit a solid ‘B’ grade in terms of SVG support (75%). This is what I was talking about a few weeks ago and I’m quite happy to see it happen! If they cleaned up their regressions from a few weeks ago (some problems with SVG patterns, I believe), they might even crest 80%.

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There was a bitchmeme going around. Scoble, Winer got into the act…

Scoble gets a part of right – we don’t really have that much control, but Winer hits on what I think is important: There are already solutions for this (Atom Threading Extensions, RFC 4685, and RSS Comments feature). We can’t control what people do with our syndicated content, but we can make it easy for tools to auto-discover the conversation specific to a given blog post.

I’ve made available a ‘whole blog feed’ and a ‘per thread’ feed on each post, but I’m really glad that WordPress 2.5 enabled the Atom Threading Extension ‘replies’ relation by default.

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Via CNN. My only question: Did they support XHTML output?

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If you’re wondering what happened to my pretty site earlier today, no it was not some malicious XHTML prank, it was my premature support for CSS Naked Day. Dustin changed it to April 9th this year – that’s rather silly considering the PHP function is supposed to do the work for us. I suspect lots of sites will be going naked today inadvertently.

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After struggling all weekend with CSS, XHTML Yellow Screens of Death, cross-domain JavaScript problems, SVG browser quirks, and PHP errors, I decided to take a break and check in with the HTML5 mailing list. This wasn’t a good idea because I then had to wade through the unending arguments around integrating new vocabularies like SVG and MathML into the text/html serialization. At some point, I must have finally reached a boiling point, because when I happened to hear that Adobe will support AIR on Linux, I finally decided to give Flash/Flex a try on Sunday. The next step is to consider whether a move to a Flash-based blog might actually be a good idea. Read the rest of this entry …

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