Yesterday, Microsoft released their first public preview version of their WPF/E plugin (WPF/E = Windows Presentation Format Everywhere). WPF/E is the web-version of WPF, which is Microsoft's new graphical framework, available in Vista. WPF/E is a direct competitor of Adobe's Flash and other open standards based approaches like SVG. Read the rest of this entry ...

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Here are a few cool bits I thought you might like. Read the rest of this entry ...

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There's been a lot of discussion around the blogosphere about some very prominent technophiles migrating from either MacOS or Windows to a Linux flavour of Operating System. The conversions are spurring probably premature speculation of whether Linux is about to hit the big time in terms of desktop deployments.

My main system at home is Windows 2000. I have been fairly happy with Windows 2000. In my experience it's the best OS that Microsoft has made thus far. I've had the same install for about 6 years (I have not had to re-install or re-format my system in all that time). While this says good things about stability, I don't think I have to convince anyone that boredom has long since set in. Additionally, and perhaps more practically, support for Windows 2000 will be ending sometime on the horizon (presumably when they deploy and entrench Vista), so I've started to consider my options. Read the rest of this entry ...

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Via Linux-Watch, this is the unbelievable Software Wars map now maintained by Steven Hilton.

I've emailed Mr. Hilton to suggest adding Adobe and the W3C as players as well as Microsoft's competitive technologies on those fronts. He states that the map is created using Inkscape, but apparently it's only published in raster form. I'd like to see the map in SVG form so that it could be scalable, have links for each technology to authoritative pages, and eventually it could be searchable when clients catch up.

Anyway, awesome/hilarious/interesting stuff in there!

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