I reported many months ago that Microsoft’s Virtual Earth web app was using SVG to render path data when getting directions. At the time, I complained that Google Maps was not yet doing it, though their code looked like it supported it. I was looking for directions and decided to check it out using Firefox’s DOM Inspector – and sure enough, they are using SVG now to draw the path data in Firefox 2 (and using Microsoft’s VML in Internet Explorer).

Ironically, Virtual Earth looks like it has much more functionality, yet most of it is broken in Firefox 2 (not in Firefox 1.5). For instance, the paths are not showing up for me in Firefox 2. Furthermore, Virtual Earth seem completely broken in Opera 9 which is a significant step backwards from 5 months ago.

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[Editor’s Note: To avoid confusion and spreading of mis-information, I feel it’s my duty to state that Adobe later changed their decision about removing the SVG Viewer download from their site. As of Dec 2006, Adobe has decided to keep the viewer download available indefinitely.]

Via JD on EP. Adobe announces End-Of-Life for SVG Viewer. I’ve tried to keep optimistic about the Adobe purchase of Macromedia but I guess I always knew it was a matter of time before Adobe draws the line and says “No more open standards”. It’s unfortunate because it was the one thing that I still liked about Adobe – I can’t stand their bloated PDF viewer, FrameMaker or Photoshop anymore.

I think at the very least, Adobe should take into account former employee Jon Ferraiolo’s suggestions. Since the Adobe SVG Viewer is the only realistic and mature option for SVG content in Internet Explorer for the conceivable future, removing it as a download in January 2008 could only be taken as an openly hostile move against the SVG development community. Even if IE8 moved fast and included some support for SVG it would not be truly ready for primetime by the time Adobe removes its download.

If we don’t receive any concessions from Adobe on this, what is the development community left with? Develop an IE browser plugin out of Mozilla? A Batik-based browser plugin? Do we look to Amanith or Renesis?

Personally I’m going to keep my eye on Dojo2D since it’s been in my mind for some time that I need to start moving up the stack in terms of web development anyway.

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I try to summarize the most relevant news from the world of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) every month. Here’s the digest for July 2006. Read the rest of this entry …

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The IEBlog just posted videos from MIX06 (Microsoft conference in March 2006). I’ve watched two of the hour-long videos. Here are my take-away summaries. Read the rest of this entry …

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The Laszlo blog announced yesterday that OpenLaszlo will use and contribute to Dojo. For the uninitiated, Dojo is one of the many DHTML/Ajax toolkits that help DHTML developers get their work done. Since OpenLaszlo is moving towards supporting more runtimes (other than Flash) and DHTML is one of those “runtimes”, this sounds like a great idea (rather than have the Laszlo team write their own toolkit from scratch). The fact that they’ll be bringing their contributions back to Dojo sounds like a win-win.

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