Very cool stuff from roc. An interesting alternative to all the CSS properties being added to WebKit. Meanwhile, Microsoft is still plodding away on bog-standard CSS 2 – expect an update from them in August, if you’re still interested (if you are maybe you want to try a new plugin for IE?)

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Chris Double was kind enough to update the SMIL patch on Bug 21642 for Mozilla and then do some builds for me so I wouldn’t have to muddle through the build and patch process. I’m ashamed to admit that so far this has been enough of a deterrant that I haven’t bothered to try it out, so I’m really glad Chris did this. The best part is that, in doing this, Chris found Firefox crashing on several tests and was able to update the patch to fix these problems.

Anyway, with the patch, a Mozilla trunk nightly gains about 4.5% to their overall SVG score. Put another way, they score 25/116 on the SVG+SMIL animation tests in the Full test suite. While this isn’t in the league of current WebKit nightlies (and neither of these platforms are in the league of Opera 9+), it does show that progress could be made on this were it applied to the trunk (once Firefox 3 ships, of course). Does anyone know if this patch means that a Firefox build would pass those SVG+SMIL tests in Acid 3?

[Update: Chris has made the Firefox builds available for download here]

[Update 2008-04-20: Chris’ latest build now makes the SMIL score 38/125, though some tests have now regressed.]

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Sander asked me to post a list of bugs that I found as a result of working on my new theme. Here they are. Read the rest of this entry …

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I’ve been tinkering at a new theme for my website since the Christmas holidays and finally got around to flipping the switch this weekend. I decided to try my hand, for the first time, at real XHTML served as application/xhtml+xml but with PHP content negotiation to text/html for poor ol’ Internet Explorer. Read the rest of this entry …

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There’s no question that Firefox has transitioned from a niche technophile browser into mainstream awareness. However, at the same time the public opinion of Firefox may not be as rosy as everyone wants to believe. Read the rest of this entry …

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