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§528 · April 1, 2009 · Life · 6 comments · Tags:

After struggling all weekend with CSS, XHTML Yellow Screens of Death, cross-domain JavaScript problems, SVG browser quirks, and PHP errors, I decided to take a break and check in with the HTML5 mailing list. This wasn’t a good idea because I then had to wade through the unending arguments around integrating new vocabularies like SVG and MathML into the text/html serialization. At some point, I must have finally reached a boiling point, because when I happened to hear that Adobe will support AIR on Linux, I finally decided to give Flash/Flex a try on Sunday. The next step is to consider whether a move to a Flash-based blog might actually be a good idea. Read the rest of this entry …

§447 · April 1, 2008 · Life, Technology · 5 comments · Tags:

The W3C has released the first draft of a new specification today, XML for Binary Streams (XBS). The basic idea seems to revolve around taking a binary stream and encoding it as XML. Read the rest of this entry …

§244 · April 1, 2006 · Entertainment, Software, Technology, Web, XML · Comments Off · Tags: