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I’ve made enough updates over the past week or so on my SVG Web Stats thing to call it 2.0. Here are a list of changes: Read the rest of this entry …

§469 · July 2, 2008 · Software, SVG, Technology, Web · Comments Off on SVG Web Stats 2.0 · Tags: , , , ,

One reason I think Web Applications (as opposed to the now watered-down term of Rich Internet Applications) are great for users and developers, is because they do not need to be installed directly on the user’s computer. This is one thing I think Adobe has misunderstood about the ‘RIA’ revolution with AIR. Read the rest of this entry …

§457 · April 21, 2008 · Adobe, Ajax, RIA, Software, Technology, Web · Comments Off on Web Apps: The Critical Difference · Tags: , ,