The latest WebKit nightly now has a decent amount of SVG+SMIL (animation) coverage. By my old school grading system, that gives WebKit a solid ‘B’ grade in terms of SVG support (75%). This is what I was talking about a few weeks ago and I’m quite happy to see it happen! If they cleaned up their regressions from a few weeks ago (some problems with SVG patterns, I believe), they might even crest 80%.

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After the announcement that the Apple developers have turned on their SMIL support in order to pass Acid3 test, I was excited enough to download the MacOS nightly and run through the SVG animation test suite. I was pretty disappointed. Read the rest of this entry …

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WebKit and Opera are really scrambling to be the first browser to fully pass Acid 3. First, Opera claimed they were at 100/100 in a private build, then Ian corrected the test (based on feedback from Apple developers), presumably knocking Opera back to 99/100. And just now, the WebKit guys have turned on SVG Animation (SMIL) in their nightly builds, putting them also at 99/100. This was a surprise to me, since I had heard that their SMIL implementation was not ready for prime-time, so to speak. Oh well, this is great – now we have a second browser implementing SMIL natively and we can truly start pushing for interoperable solutions.

What does it mean for Apple and Opera fans? Probably a lot. What does it mean for web standardistas? Apple and Opera care (more?). What does this all actually mean for web developers at the moment? Not a single thing. Oh well, time to tally up my own similarly-meaningless SVG support score…

[Update 10:25 PM CST: Apple did it. They are the first to achieve 100/100 in Acid3 with a publicly downloadable browser (even if it is only for MacOS)]

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Sander asked me to post a list of bugs that I found as a result of working on my new theme. Here they are. Read the rest of this entry …

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Thanks to Mike, I now have Webkit SVG results to show at my SVG Support page. Current (April 2007) Webkit builds score a 55%, which is roughly comparable to Firefox 3 nightlies. Firefox 3 adds support for some Filter Effects, while Webkit currently has better Text support. For a first release, this will be fantastic – congratulations to the Webkit team!

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