SVG Tiny 1.1 Test Suite

Opera 8.01 Test Results

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Test Result Notes
animate-elem-02-t PASS None
animate-elem-03-t PASS None
animate-elem-04-t PASS None
animate-elem-05-t PASS None
animate-elem-06-t PASS None
animate-elem-07-t PASS None
animate-elem-08-t PASS None
animate-elem-09-t PASS None
animate-elem-10-t PASS None
animate-elem-11-t PASS None
animate-elem-12-t PASS None
animate-elem-13-t PASS None
animate-elem-14-t PASS None
animate-elem-15-t PASS None
animate-elem-16-t PASS None
animate-elem-17-t PASS None
animate-elem-18-t PASS None
animate-elem-19-t PASS None
animate-elem-20-t PASS Animation seems to works, but browser crashed twice when refreshing. Not reproducible.
animate-21-t PASS None
animate-23-t PASS None
animate-elem-24-t PASS None
animate-elem-25-t PASS None
animate-elem-26-t PASS None
animate-elem-27-t PASS None
animate-elem-28-t PASS None
color-prop-03-t PASS None
coords-trans-02-t PASS None
coords-trans-03-t PASS None
coords-trans-04-t PASS None
coords-trans-05-t PASS None
coords-trans-06-t PASS None
fonts-elem-01-t PASS The characters may be a hair slightly below the baseline, but barely noticeable.
fonts-elem-02-t PASS None
interact-zoom-01-t PASS None
linking-a-04-t PASS NOTE: Opera crashed when I hit refresh/reload after clicking the first arrow. Not reproduceable.
linking-uri-03-t PASS None
painting-fill-01-t PASS None
painting-fill-02-t PASS None
painting-fill-03-t PASS None
painting-fill-04-t PASS None
painting-stroke-01-t PASS None
painting-stroke-02-t PASS None
painting-stroke-03-t PASS None
painting-stroke-04-t PASS None
paths-data-01-t PASS None
paths-data-02-t PASS None
paths-data-04-t PASS None
paths-data-05-t PASS None
paths-data-06-t PASS None
paths-data-07-t PASS None
render-elems-01-t PASS None
render-elems-02-t PASS None
render-elems-03-t PASS None
render-elems-06-t PASS None
render-elems-07-t PASS None
render-elems-08-t PASS None
render-groups-03-t FAIL When I first loaded this test, the image (the yin-yang symbol) did not show up and in place was a grey hashed area (small, alternating grey and transparent rectangles). When I switched tabs and then came back to the test to look at it again, the image was in place. I closed the page, cleared the cache and reloaded and got the grey hash pattern again. I partially obscured the window and then uncovered Opera and the image was shown. This is a bug in Opera as it can be consistently reproduced when the browser's cache is cleared. Bug #172806 has been filed with Opera.
shapes-circle-01-t PASS None
shapes-ellipse-01-t PASS None
shapes-line-01-t PASS None
shapes-polygon-01-t PASS None
shapes-polyline-01-t PASS None
shapes-rect-01-t FAIL The upper right rounded rectangles are too rounded when compared to the reference drawing. The reference drawing rectangles look like "Milano cookies", while the Opera rectangles "could pass for Motrin pills". I verified with my wife...can you tell? I think Opera is rounding corners in both x and y directions when it should only be in the x-direction.
struct-cond-01-t PASS None
struct-cond-02-t PASS None
struct-defs-01-t PASS None
struct-frag-01-t PASS None
struct-group-01-t PASS None
struct-image-01-t FAIL Same problem as render-groups-03-t, the image areas are grey hashes until the tabs are switched away and back, where the images are now present. Bug #172806 has been filed with Opera.
struct-image-03-t FAIL Similar problem to render-groups-03-t and struct-image-03-t in that the image area was a black rectangle until I switched tabs. However, when I switched tabs and then back, the image was still not matching the reference image, Opera's image is too dark. Bug #172806 has been filed with Opera for the first part (image not displaying at all). No bug filed for gamma correction yet.
struct-image-04-t PASS NOTE: After I cleared the cache from the above tests, I tried to load this page and the browser crashed. However, upon subsequent tests (including cache flushing) the crash is not reproducible and the images render fine upon first loading (unlike the above failures). Thus I am passing this test.
styling-pres-01-t PASS None
text-fonts-01-t PASS None
text-fonts-02-t PASS None
text-intro-01-t PASS None
text-intro-04-t PASS None
text-ws-01-t PASS None
text-ws-02-t PASS None
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