Projects I've Contributed To

I have started or been a major contributor in some open source projects (github profile):

Bugs I've Helped Fix

This is a list of miscellaneous contributions I've made to the FLOSS community.

My WebKit Contributions
Bug 16062 SVGMatrix multiply method is wrong way around Resolved
Bug 37431 Make comma/whitespace optional after arc flags, also arc flags must be 0 or 1 Resolved
Bug 37413 Fix path parser to render path segments up to the first error Resolved
Bug 16854 display title in tooltip onmouseover in SVG Resolved
My Mozilla Contributions
Bug 363086 Manipulating SVGPathSegList through DOM causes seg fault in trunk Resolved
Bug 363839 Implement all of SVGPathSegList Resolved
Bug 236546 newlines not added when copying table into clipboard with CTRL+mouse Resolved
Bug 380364 when I right click on tinderbox, I get "Search Google for <tr></tr>" Resolved
Bug 435209 Crash in Firefox 3 Resolved
My Inkscape Contributions
Bug 238093 rendering problem with metadata on text elements Resolved
Bug 246459 Title and Description in Object Properties are missing mnemonics Resolved
Bug 249445 titles and descriptions lost when saving as Plain SVG Resolved
Bug 254850 Description field in Object Properties not properly cleared when desc not present Resolved
Bug 254857 No way to create root-level <title> element Resolved
Bug 209199 title: dialogue on save Resolved
My WordPress Contributions
Ticket 5998 Invalid Unicode characters
Patch ( old)
Opened 2008-02-25
Ticket 6583 kses Allows Invalid Unicode Numeric Entities
Fixed 7/21
Ticket 6602 kses Should Prevent Duplicate Attributes
Ticket 6642 kses should not allow multiple hyphens in comments
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