Scour - an SVG scrubber

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Currently scour automatically performs the following operations on input SVG files:

  • Removes unreferenced elements in a <defs>
  • Removes all inkscape, sodipodi, adobe elements
  • Removes all inkscape, sodipodi, adobe attributes
  • Remove all unused namespace declarations on the document element
  • Removes any empty <defs>, <metadata>, or <g> elements
  • Style fix-ups:
    • Fixes any style properties like this: style="fill: url(#linearGradient1000) rgb(0, 0, 0);"
    • Removes any style property of: opacity: 1;
    • Removes any stroke properties when stroke=none or stroke-opacity=0 or stroke-width=0
    • Removes any fill properties when fill=none or fill-opacity=0
    • Removes all fill/stroke properties when opacity=0
    • Removes any text/font properties on shape elements
    • Removes Inkscape-specific properties: -inkscape-font-specification
    • Removes any stroke: none
    • Removes any stop-opacity: 1
    • Removes any fill-opacity: 1
    • Removes any stroke-opacity: 1
    • Remove any display:none
    • Remove any visibility:visible
    • Remove any overflow:visible
    • Remove any marker:none
  • Convert style properties into SVG attributes
  • Prevent error when stroke-width property value has a unit
  • Convert width/height into a viewBox where possible
  • Convert all referenced rasters into base64 encoded URLs if the files can be found
  • prevent metadata from being removed if they contain only text nodes
  • Remove unreferenced pattern and gradient elements outside of defs
  • Removal of extra whitespace, pretty printing of XML
  • Remove unnecessary nested <g> elements (as long as they have no attributes or title/desc children)
  • Remove duplicate gradient stops (same offset, stop-color, stop-opacity)
  • Convert gradient stop offsets into float/int
  • Always keep fonts inside <defs>, always keep ids on fonts
  • Collapse any gradient that is only referenced by one other gradient
  • Convert all colors to #RRGGBB format
  • Reduce Path Data:
    • Remove unnecessary whitespace between commands, negative coordinate
    • Limit to 5 digits of precision, this can be modified with the --set-precision argument
    • Converts absolute to relative path commands
    • Remove empty line and curve segments
    • Convert lines to horiz/vertical line segments where possible
    • Convert curvest to shorthand equivalents where possible
    • Collapse consecutive h,v segments/coordinates where possible
    • Collapse adjacent commands of the same type
    • Convert straight curves into line commands
    • Remove trailing zeros after decimals
    • Use scientific notation if that representation is shorter
  • Remove last coordinate from polygon if possible
  • Reduce polygon points data as per path data reduction
  • Reduce polyline points data as per path data reduction
  • Scour length/coordinate attributes (integerize, remove trailing zeros, etc)
  • Remove redundant SVG namespace declarations and prefixes
  • Move common attributes to ancestor elements
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