Who Am I?

My name is Jeff Schiller, a software developer with a variety of interests. My current interests include web design encompassing such technologies as SVG, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I also have a variety of C++ projects and games that are in various states of construction.

I am co-chair of the W3C SVG Interest Group. Here is one tiny experiment I'm working on: link.

I'm a Canadian but I'm living in the U.S with my wife, Samantha and our twin sons, Joshua and Jacob. You can read my Blog here. My email address is <my first name> Hopefully you're smart enough to figure that out.

I have a microblog feed. You can also see my latest status.

If you are interested in learning what books I have found useful, please see this page. If you are interested in free software that I have found useful, please see this page.

Below are links to some sites related to my friends/family:


Bloemfontein's website (Eric Schiller, about a band)
Things To Do website (Eric was Director of Photography on this film)
So Much Yarn, So Little Time (Cousin Carolyn's blog about knitting)
Scott Schiller's Portfolio Website (Cousin Scott, web development)
Scott Schiller's Website (Cousin Scott's, blog about web development)

Friends (Rob Russell) (by Rob Russell, learn about SVG)
The Trial Of Allibor's Tomb (Fighting Fantasy Novel) (Jeff Sinasac)
Mauriat Miranda
Jason York
Femilicious (Candace's blog about 3rd wave feminism)
Steve Ryner Jr

Other Guys Named Jeff Schiller

There are a bunch of other Jeff Schillers out there on the internet. Here's links to some of those people who I am not.

Jeffrey I. Schiller (Security Architect at MIT)
Jeff "Houndog" Schiller
Jeff Schiller (2nd cousin, drummer)
Jeff Schiller, MD
codedread codedread