23 – The Golden Idol

A panel from "The Golden Idol" in Centaur Publications' Comics Magazine #2, May 1936.
Jim Collins in The Golden Idol, 1936

In May 1936, Centaur Publications released Comic Magazine #2 containing a first in comic book history: a full 7-page comic book story.  This was a departure from everything else being published in comic books at the time since it was also a self-contained story having a beginning, middle and end.

It was by Tom Cooper, who was pretty active in the pre-Golden Age.  He also did many strips in early DC comics: “Along the Main Line”, “Buckskin Jim”, “Midshipman Dewey”, “Castaway Island” and illustrated “17-20 on the Black”.

Comic Magazine #2 also featured another 4-page story by Tom Cooper, “The Black Lagoon” which included a dramatic full-page panel at its conclusion, which might be another first.