46 – Ginger Snap

Ginger Snap from More Fun Comics #31, April 1938
Ginger Snap, April 1938

I usually avoid humorous comic strips, because this blog is mostly supposed to be documenting interesting superhero moments, but I couldn’t resist this panel of “Ginger Snap” from More Fun Comics #31, April 1938 by Robert Kane (future creator of Batman).  This looks like the first thing that Bob Kane created for DC Comics.

Speaking of superheroes, there is a pretty important ad that begins to run in New Adventure and Detective Comics this month: the first advertisement for a new magazine, Action Comics #1 from Detective Comics, Inc  This ad is the first time an image of Superman has been published.

Advertisement for Action Comics from Detective Comics #15, April 1938.
Advertisement for Action Comics, April 1938

This is also the first month in which Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson is no longer mentioned in the indicia and New Adventure Comics #26 is published by “Detective Comics, Inc”.  By this time, Wheeler-Nicholson had lost National Allied Publications to Harry Donenfeld and Jack Liebowitz.