478 – Alien Inspiration

A panel from “Seeds of Jupiter” in Weird Science #8 (April 1951)

Weird Science #8 (April 1951) features a story called “Seeds of Jupiter” in which a meteor crashes on an aircraft carrier. Cracking open the meteor, a navy man finds a bunch of nuts and gives one to “Peachpit”, another navy man who likes sucking on peach pits (?). “Peachpit” obliges but accidentally swallows the nut and gets very sick…

Turns out the nuts are actually dehydrated squid-like aliens from Jupiter and what happens next is a scene right out of Alien. The alien bursts from the dead man’s stomach and scurries out into the corridor.

Another panel from “Seeds of Jupiter” in Weird Science #8 (April 1951)

Jumping into the ocean, the alien eventually expands to giant proportions and proceeds to menace the Earth. Eventually scientists realize what is going on and lure it on to dry land where it starts to shrivel… kind of anticlimactic, but definitely a nice bit of horror in there.