511 – Cold-Hearted

A panel from "Take Your Pick!" in Haunt of Fear #14, June 1952
A panel from “Take Your Pick!” in Haunt of Fear #14, June 1952

The Haunt of Fear #14 (June 1952) continues EC’s march into gruesome territory. The story “Take Your Pick!” features a cold-hearted, penny-pinching husband who refuses compassion at every opportunity. After turning away beggars and destitute friends, sending a dog to sleep outside in the winter, driving on by someone who was hit by a car, he finally refuses to pay for his mother-in-law’s operation. This last act results in his wife’s mother dying, after which the wife is finally driven insane and kills him with an ice-pick. The panel is carefully framed to not show anything outrageous, but the text description is enough.