639 – Elton Craig, Luckiest Villain Alive?

A panel from World's Finest #87 (January 1957)
A panel from World’s Finest #87 (January 1957)

In World’s Finest #87 (January 1957), Elton Craig, a would-be criminal manages to find a kryptonite meteorite, which also happens to contain a box of super-power capsules from Jor-El of Krypton. Craig manages to weaken Superman, forcing Batman to take a capsule and help defeat the villain. I’ve made short shrift of these Jor-El coincidences, but this seems particularly egregious because…

Another panel from Worlds' Finest #87 (January 1957)
Another panel from Worlds’ Finest #87 (January 1957)

… the box containing the radio-active super-power capsules from Jor-El was labeled in Engilsh!