I happen to get a new Macbook Pro this week at work, replacing my couple-year old one. Upon booting it up for the first time it offered me several choices to migrate my data. I chose the Firewire option and plugged my two computers together. After a couple hours of crunching I was delighted to find out that everything (applications, documents, user data) seems to have been migrated over to the new machine. I even had my existing browser history and cookies, my customized BASH profile, etc. It was like a brain transplant from one computer to another but without copying a disk image. There were only two gotchas:

  • Certificates that enable wifi at work were not migrated
  • Safari 4 was not migrated (I was left with Safari 3.2.1 on the new box)

I only realized the latter when I noticed that some SMIL animation had stopped working in Safari 😉

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There's something comforting about coming back to your blog after spending so much time on Twitter and the like. Twitter is great for learning about new things and sharing links quickly, but writing this entry in WordPress and not having to worry about a character limit feels... cozy. I thought I'd come back to the blog and try to give an update on what I've been doing lately.

Despite the silence on the blog, I've actually been really busy with all sorts of different projects. I think I've got my fingers in too many pies now. And all of them happen to be related to Scalable Vector Graphics. How did this happen? Read the rest of this entry ...

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