I was thinking of setting up a bug tracker for a personal project that might have random users. I'd like to have a way for users to report bugs with as little friction as possible, but with something more than an email or a post on a mailing list. Basically a link I can send a user to. Github? Jira? Something better? Are there any good issue trackers that allow multiple identity systems?

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Logo for the OPML file format

I've been hacking more on kthoom and I want to upgrade it so that it can load reading lists (think playlists-for-comic-books). Anybody have any thoughts on a decent file format? OPML? A custom JSON file format?

This is a pure client-side web app, so a couple caveats here:

  • I would like to be able to load Reading Lists from anywhere
  • It should be able to refer to files using any sorts of shareable links (HTTP, IPFS)
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How do you take notes? Here's my list of techniques in order of preference using a heuristic which is some function of efficiency, persistence, and privacy:

  • Full-finger-typing on a regular-size keyboard
  • Writing with a pen/pencil on paper
  • Thumb-typing on a small QWERTY keyboard
  • Stylus recognition on a touchscreen
  • Voice notes
  • Scoring the flesh of my forearm in Morse Code with a rusty Bowie knife
  • Typing with one thumb on my phone's number keypad

Which one do you use? Guess which one I use...

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Where's the best place to get Kung Pao in the Chicago area? Bonus points if it's in the NorthWest suburbs...

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I recently got ahold of a nice MacBook Pro and I'm using it as my primary Windows box at work. It's nice and snappy and I like it, but I'm having trouble getting used to the keyboard, let alone the one-button mousepad. I thought I'd use this post to collapse several google searches into one location. I'll likely add to this list as I learn more tricks. Read the rest of this entry ...

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