I happen to get a new Macbook Pro this week at work, replacing my couple-year old one. Upon booting it up for the first time it offered me several choices to migrate my data. I chose the Firewire option and plugged my two computers together. After a couple hours of crunching I was delighted to find out that everything (applications, documents, user data) seems to have been migrated over to the new machine. I even had my existing browser history and cookies, my customized BASH profile, etc. It was like a brain transplant from one computer to another but without copying a disk image. There were only two gotchas:

  • Certificates that enable wifi at work were not migrated
  • Safari 4 was not migrated (I was left with Safari 3.2.1 on the new box)

I only realized the latter when I noticed that some SMIL animation had stopped working in Safari 😉

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... or "how you can help me be more productive". Of course there are lots of things that I like in Mac OS X, and others that I'm sure I'll get used to over time. Please spare me your flames 🙂 Read the rest of this entry ...

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Via Charles Arthur, some ex-Apple employees have released a Beta version of 280slides. Presentation editor (and presumably viewer) that works in modern browsers. Powered underneath by "Objective-J" which apparently translates down into JavaScript and uses Canvas, SVG or Flash as needed.

Since I've never used the KeyNote app in MacOS, or even Google Presentations, someone will have to give me the skinny on how this stacks up. But it looks nice! Even in Firefox 2 on my 8-year-old Ubuntu machine, the performance is acceptable. I should try it on my Macbook Pro. Check it out.

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The last two years have been explosive for WebKit development - the project has really accelerated, moving at a much faster perceivable rate than the other notable open-source web platform, Mozilla. I've been noticing more and more innovations that affect web developers from the Safari blog. Read the rest of this entry ...

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The latest WebKit nightly now has a decent amount of SVG+SMIL (animation) coverage. By my old school grading system, that gives WebKit a solid 'B' grade in terms of SVG support (75%). This is what I was talking about a few weeks ago and I'm quite happy to see it happen! If they cleaned up their regressions from a few weeks ago (some problems with SVG patterns, I believe), they might even crest 80%.

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