Logo for the kthoom comic book reader

Decided to pluck at one of my open source projects on the weekend. The latest idea was to use the Google Drive API to let users load up their comic book files (cbr/cbz/cbt) into kthoom (a comic book reader).

This should help those users storing their comic books on Google Drive to be able to access them on Chromebooks. Haven’t tried it on a tablet yet – I wonder if that works…

I’m always accepting patches if someone wants to write the equivalent code for Microsoft OneDrive.

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I want to believe. SVG as an image format.After finding some time to go through and mass-delete spam comments on this blog, I realized that it’s time to turn on the “Automatically close comments on post older than XX days” checkbox in WordPress. This means that posts older than 90 days will no longer be able to be commented on.

In case it’s not obvious, I haven’t been writing that much here these days. I’ve been too busy at my day job as a Google+ engineer and at my night job being a husband and father. If you really want to “follow me” these days, the best bet is Google+ for now. Let me know if you need an invite.

I’m not saying I won’t pick up the ol’ blogging pen from time to time. In fact, writing this very post has made me realize how much the UI has improved in WordPress. Also, I might have a couple new things to talk about in a little while, which I’ll likely post here and reference on Google+.

And yes, I’ve obviously been fully absorbed into the collective at this point 🙂

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The Open Web logoThe Web has changed us forever. It’s not just about how we experience digital media or how we purchase things or even all that free porn. Yes it’s also given us new ways to satisfy our egos, express our ideas, publish works, report information, research, share new capabilities. But I’m also talking about fundamental things: new ways of communicating, learning, meeting people, keeping in touch with people, even grieving.

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The IE LogoSVGAs expected, it was announced today that IE9 will support SVG, DOM Events, XHTML, CSS3 Selectors and more. There were even a couple surprises in there (HTML5 Video!). This finally puts IE9 in the realm of a “modern browser”! Hey! Someone on the IE team needs to send me a SVG image of the IE logo. The one I have is pretty sucky (no offense, Sam). Hopefully that image has an, ahem, gradient in it…

Now read on for more details on their SVG implementation (hey, I know why you’re here). Read the rest of this entry …

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[clipart]Although I’ve been a Mac convert for well over a year now, the family still uses a Dell Windows XP laptop from a few ages past. That laptop is slow, has a tendency to sound like a running dishwasher and its plastic casing creaks as you type. I’m not a cruel man. So this weekend we decided to pick up a new laptop and that came with a whole whack of stuff for me to comment on. Hello bloggy my old friend… Read the rest of this entry …

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