[clipart]When I started programming it was on the Commodore 64 (uh oh, you know this is going to be a long story - go take a piss first). I started with Basic and then eventually moved to assembly language to try and write a Bard's Tale clone with a friend. We got pretty far. I just came across the notebooks where I had scribbled all those assembly routines too - great times! But by the time we got close to having something we could call a game, Commodore had lost the battle and the IBM PC clone market was taking off. Different instruction set, different hardware and capabilities. Doh! Read the rest of this entry ...

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The SVG LogoSVGI’ve updated my marketshare spreadsheet for April 2010 charting the percentage of web users who can view SVG: 40.26%

P.S. This figure does not take into account any user that has a SVG plugin installed or authors who have used the excellent SVG Web shim, so this is really a worst-case number.

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