I want to believe. SVG as an image format.As promised, I have a tiny thing to announce here. I recently split off and refactored the code that deals binary data in kthoom into a new open source project: https://github.com/codedread/bitjs, Binary Tools for JavaScript.

The faster and faster JavaScript engines in modern browsers and the rise of new technologies like Typed Arrays, Web Workers, and the File APIs mean that browsers can actually be used to read in binary formats completely on the client-side (as long as native performance isn’t a requirement).

For now the library includes two main capabilities:

  • streams for reading in bits and bytes from a Typed Array
  • unarchiving zip, rar or tar files (that’s right, you can unzip and unrar in JavaScript now)
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The kthoom logoSometimes I get an idea and I just have to see it through to a point where it will let my brain go. At work Thursday we were all slobbering over Steve’s iPad and someone brought up how cool the Marvel app is. I had to admit it was much nicer than any piece of software I’d used for viewing comics before on my laptop.

In the meantime, I’ve been carefully watching WebKit creep closer and closer to implementing the W3C File API (Go Kinuko!). Something I’ve been eagerly waiting for more browsers to do so you can open up local files in SVG-edit.

And then it hit me. Read the rest of this entry …

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[clipart]Issue 70 has been open for awhile now. In fact it’s one of just a handful of two-digit bugs left in SVG-edit. Now that all browsers have heralded support for SVG into the future, one might argue that the need for this bug will evaporate in a couple years. However, one would be wrong. First, there are lots of mobile browsers out there. Second, in some cases it could be easier to just tell the browser how to draw a collection of dots rather than mathematical instructions (think thumbnails). So how to solve it? Read the rest of this entry …

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[clipart]SVG-edit has far exceeded my expectations in the seven months since I’ve been working on it. The people I’ve met there have been amazing and it’s been really fun to watch the project grow both in members and in capabilities. Without the people working on it, people like Alexis (now the top contributor) and wormsxulla (whip-cracker on UI translations) and others, there wouldn’t be a project – that much is obvious. But would you like to know the secret sauce in the SVG-edit project? Of course you would. Read the rest of this entry …

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[clipart]I came across the MIX 10k Coding Challenge on the weekend, and on a whim I decided to submit one of my old SVG demos to the contest. The 10k challenge’s tagline is “What could you create for the Web if you had only 10 kilobytes of code?”. The rules didn’t explicitly say I could use pure SVG, they mention SVG/Canvas in the context of HTML5 only, but I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s in the spirit of the contest, after all. At the very least it would encourage Microsoft to clarify the rules and at the very best it would be accepted and the rules updated to allow pure SVG applications. Looks like it was my lucky day. Read the rest of this entry …

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