17 – Time Travel and Weed

A panel from "The Strange of Adventures of Mr. Weed" in New Comics #1, November 1935
The Strange of Adventures of Mr. Weed, 1935

November 1935 brought National Allied Publications’ second title, New Comics #1 – not to be confused with “New Fun Comics”, which was renamed to “More Fun Comics” in its next issue.  New Comics featured several adventure strips like “The Strange Adventures of Mr. Weed” (a strip about an eccentric historian who does a bit of harmless time travel) by Sheldon Mayer.

New Comics was historically significant for being the first comic book to show multiple-page stories as seamless, rather than simply arranging several single page stories from the same strip consecutively.  Each page after the first would feature a simple picture where the title box would typically go.

In looking at the content of both New Comics and More Fun Comics at this point in history, all the stories feel like they had been submitted to, and rejected by, newspapers and that creators were just lucky to find a home with National Allied Publications.  It seems very clear to me that creators were still writing their stories for the newspaper “funnies” format and that comic books were a “consolation prize” for those who didn’t get picked up and distributed in newspapers.    That’s only natural, since comic books are still only about a year old.