28 – Steve Smash Robot

A page from Federal Men, New Comics #10.  October 1936.
Federal Men, October 1936.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster continue to lean heavy into the sci-fi angle for their comic strips.  In October 1936, New Comics #10 features Steve Carson, an FBI agent infiltrating a secret criminal organization and then heroically commandeering an out-of-control giant robot.

I really love the art here by Joe Shuster, the use of the full page for the robot and city destruction is effective.

Over in More Fun Comics #16, Doctor Occult learns the origin of Koth, arch-foe of The Seven.  Turns out Koth is the lone survivor from a space expedition thousands of years ago, where all of his fellow crew members were attacked and killed by primordial men.  This is a decidedly science fiction explanation in a comic that relies heavily on mysteries of the supernatural.