301 – Black Adam!

The debut of Black Adam from Marvel Family Comics #1, November 1945
The debut of Black Adam from Marvel Family Comics #1, November 1945

Marvel Family Comics #1 debuts in November 1945, bringing Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel and Uncle Marvel together for the first time, In addition to telling the origin story of each character, it also introduces the Marvel Family’s greatest enemy: Black Adam. 5000 years ago in Egypt, Shazam created the world’s first champion, Teth-Adam. But “Mighty Adam” uses his powers for greed and evil, murdering the Pharaoh.

Black Adam murdering the Pharaoh 5000 years ago from Marvel Family #1.

Shazam banishes “Black Adam” to the farthest star. Black Adam decides to fly at the speed of light for 5000 years to return to Earth, and the Marvel Family tries to stop him once he arrives:

Black Adam battling the Marvel Family in Marvel Family #1.

Thanks to invulnerability, it’s a complete stand-off, until Uncle Marvel tricks Mr. Mxyz-, er I mean, Black Adam into saying the magic word. Captain Marvel then knocks out Teth-Adam who then withers up into an old man and dies.

Don’t worry Black Adam – you live in a comic book universe, so you’ll eventually be resurrected in the DC Universe in the 1970s and become an anti-hero. You’ll even get your own blockbuster movie starring Dwayne Johnson set for 2021!