680 – Superboy Meets Oliver Queen

A panel from Adventure Comics #258, January 1959
A panel from Adventure Comics #258, January 1959

About a half a year after Superboy met Robin, Superboy gets a chance to meet Oliver Queen, the future Green Arrow, in Adventure Comics #258 (January 1959). Superboy tries to invent a machine to look back into the past, but via an “atmospheric disturbance” it lets him see into the future, 1959 to be precise. There he learns of the future hero Green Arrow, his trick arrows, and his secret identity of Oliver Queen.

Clark switches off the viewer and wonders if he will ever cross paths with Oliver Queen as Superman in the future. Literally one panel later, young Oliver Queen is being introduced as Clark’s new classmate. Talk about a coincidence! No wonder Clark is looking at “the camera” in the panel above 🙂

Clark decides it’s up to him to set Oliver on the right path to becoming Green Arrow, despite Oliver claiming to not like archery. He convinces Oliver to show up at a masquerade party as Robin Hood and gets him to try his hand at shooting the bow and arrow in several different circumstances. It’s never really explained where Oliver Queen goes at the end of the story.

Although the Green Arrow was a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, which means he has ties to the Crimson Avenger and the Star-Spangled Kid, this is the first time Green Arrow has been brought into mainstream DC continuity.