Today I decided to upgrade my neglected 5-year old installation of Mandrake Linux. So I downloaded the 3 CD .iso images from their site. This took a good chunk of time as I have to wait on public FTP servers, but still it was finished by noon.

Then, and you just gotta love this...once I get the iso images saved to hard disk, Roxio's Disc Copier has associated the .iso extension, so I right-click the file, open Disc Copier and click Burn at 48x...

Elapsed time: 2 minutes 43 seconds

Can't be much simpler than that! Ok, I'm still geeking out about having the power to make optical media, but hey - I held out for a LOOONG time.

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  1. Rob says:

    You held out too long. There is no excuse for being excited about burning a CD in 2005. Stop enjoying yourself.

  2. Mauriat says:

    Bubble bursting time: Apparently the faster you burn your CD the more likely it is to have defects, and will attribute to a shorter shelf life. I haven’t verified this, but through multiple accounts I’m told of people burning their linux cd’s only to have it fail on the 95% of the last CD. ymmv

  3. Jeff says:

    So you guys just live to bring me down from my highs I guess…