Well, we’re making our final transition step to this very-different family lifestyle by closing in on a 2002 Toyota Sienna minivan. Only 30,000 miles and in excellent shape from what I can tell. The couple that own it were transferred to China for 3 years, so her sister is trying to sell it for her.

It means I get to sell my sporty red 1997 Ford Probe GT to some guy who will finish running it into the ground. Or maybe he’ll supe it up and make some good coin on it in another decade or two when the Probe is considered a “classic”.

I wonder if I should perform a ritual of sorts as this would be the definitive end of my free-wheeling lifestyle and the beginning of my middle age (or the Dark Ages as some people call them). Or maybe I’ll just go on a bender…where did I put that 15-year bottle of Bowmore Mariner now?

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A friend of mine once showed me this popular article in which the author recommends putting “your life” into version control. Read the rest of this entry …

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An update on my Subversion installation: I woke in the morning to find that most of the Subversion tests had failed during the “make check”. I looked at the log file and it seems that all the tests that had anything to do with the repository failed (checkout, commit, etc).

First, a little history: Subversion 1.0 had a backend based on a Berkeley DB, while Subversion 1.1 introduced a backend based on the filesystem itself (not dependent upon the Berkeley DB). After weighing the repository pros and cons I decided on the new FSFS filesystem for my Subversion 1.1 installation.

Thus, I had a doubt: Could the make file only be supporting checks for the Berkeley DB filesystem? A google for it turned up this nugget which shows that a special argument is required during “make check” if you’re using the new FSFS filesystem. Grrrreat….

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So last week I got my Linux server up and running 24×7 on my LAN. I’ve got it grabbing daily snapshots of my website databases. It’s running Apache 2.0, SSH, FTP and Samba successfully. From my main Windows PC, my home directory on the Linux box is my H: drive. So far very cool, and not that difficult for someone who doesn’t regularly use Linux.

My next step was to install some Version Control software because I wanted to use this Linux server as a repository for all my documents, source code, databases, etc. I decided on Subversion since I had never used CVS and apparently Subversion is meant to fix some annoyances in CVS…I read through the first couple chapters in the free O’Reilly Subversion book and most of the Administration chapter…OK, another something I can put on my resume, I guess – let’s do it. Read the rest of this entry …

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I came across Kyle Wilson‘s excellent web page/blog today. There are a lot of good little articles on there about game design, stuff that I generally find intriguing/exciting. I enjoyed his articles on an Object Registry and Data-Driven Design. What’s interesting is that he apparently works for Day 1 Studios (with locations in downtown Chicago and Sparks, Maryland – I’m guessing this guy is in Maryland). Anyway, I’m going to make sure I read each and every one of his articles because this guy is doing exactly what I wish I was doing so he is now officially my hero.

He also wrote a brief article on GDC 2004 so I was able to read up on what the conference was like last year. I think Rob and I are going to try and write something similar about the Expo side of things this year (28 days and counting!).

He also linked to an excellent article about the many forms of software development from the always-interesting Joel Spolsky which I enjoyed.

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