Read Step 1 first.

Although my interests in digital video are currently taking a backseat to game development, web programming and general Linux administrativeness, I thought I’d add a second entry to this series that discusses the software I used to create my DVDs from analog video sources. Read the rest of this entry …

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The kids have this toy schoolbus with all the letters of the alphabet as buttons around the rim which they can press to hear the name of the letter. It’s not long before sleep-deprived parents will use such toys to attempt to amuse themselves.

In that vein, I now present to you a conversation between one of my brothers and a famous Hip-Hop star:

J: G PDD, U R N S.

For those of you who need a translation, here it is:

Jay: Gee P. Diddy, you are an ass.
P. Diddy: Oh, I be an ass? I be devious and Jay, you be a farty pee-pee!
Jay: See, you are a silly ass and I am a genious. Tea?
P. Diddy: Oh, okay…

I now apologize for wasting the precious time of the two people who read this blog. I promise a return to more enlightening entries in the near future.

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My 25-year old cousin recently took a job with a high-profile internet company in Silicon Valley and he moved to San Jose, CA from Calgary, Alberta this weekend. He was a little bummed because he’s in a new city in a (somewhat) different country, doesn’t know anyone, doesn’t know the area at all, needs to find a permanent place to live in 28-days (and counting), and has never owned a car nor had a cellphone (which the company is getting him for 30 days use). The previous week had been a flurry of paperwork for him trying to get all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed for his Visa/Passport. Needless to say he’s a little stressed. Read the rest of this entry …

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After getting bombed with some comment spam yesterday (over 15 of them in various blog entries), I decided I wanted some extra security, but I didn’t want to have to approve every comment (especially when the majority of them were spam). So I thought I’d dig into some PHP again and design my own Captcha.

This little project proved to be more challenging than I thought it would be, the easiest part was generating the unique and random image every time, the hardest part was figuring out how to make sure the image was not reused again (even if the user clicks the “Back” button on his browser). While I won’t get into the details right here and now, suffice to say that it works completely now and I can now work on making the image even more difficult for a computer to read in the future…if anyone wants it let me know (leave a comment, heh) and I’ll post a subsequent entry about some of the details and put the source up.

Anyway, I hope it’s not too annoying to those who wish to leave comments…

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Well it looks like the tickets for LebowskiFest West go on sale this Monday. I guess it’s a big deal because the guys who arrange it sent me four identical emails. The “Fest” is a fan gathering to celebrate the Joel & Ethan Coen movie “The Big Lebowski” (1998). If you haven’t seen it yet or it’s been awhile, go rent or buy it today and watch it tonight. Read the rest of this entry …

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