When I'm at home, I use MSN Messenger for my primary Instant Messaging application. Unfortunately, at work we are generally (and perhaps wisely) blocked from using IM clients to access the internet. However, MSN has introduced a web service they call "Web Messaging" (http://webmessenger.msn.com) which allows those people at Internet Cafe's or using computers that are not their own to still access the IM network and chat. Similar to web e-mail services like Hotmail and Gmail, WebMessenger uses a web browser to faithfully reproduce the IM client experience and it seems to work pretty well. The browser window looks almost identical to the IM client window and it properly imported all my contacts (though it did not arrange them in my categories like I have at home, thus contact categories must be a client-only feature). It did cause my IE to crash once (thus, I use Firefox) and a few days ago I was unable to access the webserver a few times, but so far I'm happy.

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2 Comments to “MSN Web Messenger”

  1. riton says:

    Yeaaaah I will be able to use msn at work whis this :)) They put a firewall so I could not use msn..

  2. katie says:

    wot is this about then:S im confused big time help me xxx