Yesterday I watched in horror as one of my 14-month old sons toddled over to the door to our office, reached up and started jiggling the doorknob. I sat rooted to the spot with Jacob, holding my breath because I knew that the moment he learned how to turn the doorknob to open the door that our lives would be changed forever. I kept calling him to try and distract him so he'd forget about the door ("Joshua let's read a book....Joshua where's Mickey Mouse?....Joshua...Joshua..."), I must have sounded pretty desperate.

Thankfully he eventually wandered away from the door...this time. I guess it's time we figure out how to childproof the doors beyond simply keeping the doors closed. Little brass hooks installed at 5' should do it...until my kids learn to stand on each others shoulders...

Oh the times they are a scary...

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  1. Rob says:

    LOL! SCary times indeed.