I mentioned before how I was cissifying my site. Well, I spent about an hour or so updating the rest of my site to be fully XHTML and CSS compliant by using the W3C validator tools (XHTML Validator and CSS Validator).

Sure, web standards are nice, but should it REALLY matter if I have a list element inside a paragraph element or if my form elements are not wrapped inside a paragraph? I guess my point is: after making sure that my site is compliant to the latest web standards out there, where are the fruits of my anal retentive labor? There's not one user-discernable difference as far as I could tell.

On the other hand, after spending about 20 minutes debugging the way Opera was rendering my fancy new SVG buttons, I figured out why their browser was having a problem, patched my code and posted the bug in their forums. Now that's what I call a worthwhile effort.

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