• Apparently the internet won't be split up anytime soon.
  • Via PCWorld. Google Base is now live. Just remember: "All your base are belong to us"...
  • Sony is having a real PR nightmare lately
  • Via Anne. The W3C is forming new groups that focus on Web APIs (like the existing XMLHttpRequest) and Rich Web Applications. Some interesting points:
    • The Web APIs Working Group will first be documenting things already "in the field": the XMLHttpRequest object, timed events (i.e. EcmaScript's setTimeout()), the Window object (i.e. interaction with the browser). Let's hope they don't deliberately try to break Internet Explorer's implementation of such things as they've done in the past. The more interesting APIs will be delivered later such as APIs for persistent local storage and file uploading...
    • Will W3C use the WHATWG's already-written specifications such as the Web Applications 1.0 spec?
    • The Web Application Formats Working Group will be striving to use an existing application format ("Mozilla's XUL, Microsoft's XAML, Macromedia's MXML or Laszlo Systems' LZX") and combine it with other existing technologies such as XHTML, CSS, SVG, etc. This is a great idea (i.e. we do not need a NEW format), but their tentative milestones seem a bit off: "First draft of requirements during October. First draft of specification during November. Candidate Recommendation 4th quarter of 2006.". It also means that there will be one winner and many losers...
    • The Web Application Formats Working Group seems to have swallowed the Compound Document Format Group.
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  1. karl says:

    You said: “Will W3C use the WHATWG’s already-written specifications such as the Web Applications 1.0 spec?”

    Maybe you could read.

  2. Jeff Schiller says:

    Thanks for the pointer, Karl. Anne also mentioned today that “hopefully” the groups will actively work together…