A couple quick links regarding Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in the wild.

Google Maps v2 with SVG

Some early adopters in the Google-Maps-API newsgroup discovered that SVG will be supported in the next version of Google Maps. Looks like someone has posted a demo of this in action.

TextPath on Mozilla Branch?

Looks like tor is pushing to get svg:textPath into the Mozilla Branch (i.e. Firefox 2.0). This would be great, since I'd prefer to get more SVG functionality sooner (mid-to-late 2006) than later (Firefox 3.0, early 2007).

Text Path is a great piece of eye candy. Go see Rob's SVG Basics page for some cool samples (if you have Firefox 1.5, switch off the SVG to see what it would look like, if you have IE+ASV or Opera 9 TP2 then you should be able to see it as SVG).

TreeBuilder Experiments with XUL and SVG

Holger is keeping busy experimenting with building a XULRunner application with an SVG chrome/skin. Even if I don't get the point behind a "Berlin clock", it is still one slick-looking app!

3GSM News

SVG.org reports on several bits of SVG Mobile news from the 3GSM Mobile Conference. Mobile browsers, hardware chips and collaborations gallore!

SVG.Open 2006 website goes live

Also reported on SVG.org, Kurt Cagle has got the SVG.Open conference website up and running. Information is still sparse, but it's a good start. Now they need to kick the planning into high gear (they only have about 5 months to get it all sorted out).

SVG Scrolling Component Using SVG + XBL

Kurt also has been keeping busy trying to work out how SVG and XBL can work together to generate usable components. In his second article along this vein, he's made a SVG scrolling component that looks pretty cool. Here's the demo. My problems with it are two-fold: 1) It only works in Mozilla 1.8-based browsers like Firefox 1.5, Camino 1.0 and SeaMonkey 1.0 and 2) It currently suffers from the problem of moving the mouse cursor too fast. But it's great tinkering!

Speaking of Dragging and Widgets

I've done my own dragging library in the past (demo) that works across Mozilla 1.8-based browsers, Opera 9 TP2 and IE+ASV. Not exactly new news yet, but I've recently been internally updating the library and it's almost ready for a release. New and incredibly useful features for the library include the ability to constrain your drags to a rectangular region and the ability to assign listeners for drag events. This means you could set up sliders (which I've done internally) and react to drag events just like Kurt's cooler SVG+XBL solution. So stay tuned for more.

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