I published my results of running ten different SVG implementations through the SVG Test Suite.

I ran the tests on various flavours of Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, Safari, Adobe SVG Viewer, Renesis, and Batik. Go check out how your favourite web browser or SVG plugin scored when I ran it through all 280 tests: Click Here.

This is one of those times when I almost hesitate to even publish this because people will officially know I wasted hours of my life browsing web pages to obtain these results. Then again, we all waste hours of our lives browsing web pages - the only difference is we don't record our findings in a spreadsheet.

I hope some people will find this interesting. Some people might consider it a challenge. Other people may find it discouraging, disappointing, a waste of time, an over-simplification, or even offensive. Oh well, at least now I have my own scoring system for anybody who wants to put out a SVG plugin or support for SVG (Microsoft, care to give it a whirl?).

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197 Comments to “Grading SVG Browsers”

  1. @Mabdul: I tested on Amaya 11 but was not happy with the results, so I didn’t bother updating the chart…

  2. Helder Magalhães says:

    Guess you can now update “IE8 beta 2” to just “IE8” (released today [1]). 😉
    The “0%” still applies, though (as expected anyway). 😀


    [1] http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2009/03/19/internet-explorer-8-final-available-now.aspx

  3. Helder Magalhães says:

    Well, Amaya has just released 11.2 preview version [1]. I wonder how relevant number of SVG improvements will affect it’s score…? The lousy 28.55% from the current release really needed a bump! 🙂

    [1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-amaya/2009JanMar/0092.html

  4. stelt says:

    It would be awesome if your list would be fully up-to-date when in a few days the SVG Open 2009 site goes live.
    IE8, Safari4b, Fx3b3, others?

  5. @stelt, others: Maybe some time this weekend. Plan would be:

    • Safari 4b
    • Chrome 2b
    • IE8
    • Firefox 3.5b
  6. mabdul says:

    I know that you’re list is about browser and plugins, but don’t you want to try prince xml? [ http://www.princexml.com ]


  7. Chris Lilley says:

    since you asked: CSV 2.1 was released 2003-09-03

  8. stelt says:

    The most used SVG viewer had a release: Firefox 3.5
    I’m wondering how it scores

  9. @stelt: I’m assuming you’ve been using the Beta for some time, no? 🙂 I’ve been using Minefield for months now so I can play around with their SMIL implementation and submit bugs.

    Yeah, I’ll get around to it eventually…

  10. stelt says:

    You assumed right.
    Maybe wait for a full browser update cycle to complete: Safari 4, Chrome 2, Firefox 3.5 and Opera 10

  11. Helder Magalhães says:

    Well, Amaya 11.2 was released [1]. I’ve noticed relevant improvements, though a quick run through a few test on the (SVG 1.1 Full test) suite still revealed a long way to run… 🙂

    [1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-amaya/2009JulSep/0003.html

  12. feline1 says:

    Woah! Tell me this: why does SVG support in browsers SUCK SO BAD?? It’s basically WOEFUL! I mean what is up with IE??

  13. Peter says:

    Does Google’s SVG Web work well enough for you to test and publish the results for some version(s) of IE?

  14. Hi Peter,

    Yes, I plan to do an update to my chart for SVG Web real soon now.

  15. stelt says:

    With the release of Opera 10, the browser update cycle as mentioned in #111 is done

  16. stelt says:

    Chrome 3 is released

  17. Andy says:

    Glad to know the chart will be updated soon!

    I’m particularly interested in WebKit nightly and Firefox 3.6 results…

  18. Lars Gunther says:

    And, FWIW, Firefox just landed patches for CSS-style animation in SMIL.

    I am thinking about a chart of how CSS can be used as well, i.e. in simple img-tags, in HTML5 (as in XHTML but sent as text/html), in CSS backgrounds, as favicons, as filters and clip-paths for HTML content. Has anyone heard of such tests, or do I need to implement my own?

  19. Hi Lars,

    Actually we (the SVG IG) are interested in baking up a series of SVG Torture Tests, we’ve only started to spec out what these will cover at http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/IG/wiki/Torture

    While these are not quite the same thing (not comprehensive, full-coverage testing but more testing of edge cases to encourage operability), it might be something you are interested in. They would also include testing of inclusiong of SVG via CSS as you suggest.

    Please feel free to contribute – and if you want, to join the IG!

  20. > I decided to take out the older and the less popular implementations […] from my chart […].
    > I may make this information available elsewhere on the site if someone screams loud enough.


    Now seriously, IMO the information is useful, even if outdated. Placing it in a separate page (maybe stating the last update for each implementation) would be great. 😉

    Thanks for all the effort put into this, Jeff! 🙂

  21. > Does anyone else notice the elephant in the living room?

    Did anyone else noticed the “raw” results table [1] is outdated? (I quickly noticed it as I was pretty curious to find out more details for SVG Web results.) 😉

    [1] http://codedread.com/svg-support-table.html

  22. @Helder – thanks. I will make sure the raw results table is updated with all the info (historical, obscure, otherwise) on the next update. But I’m still going to keep the PNG as tight as possible. Should I remove Firefox 3? Chrome 1? Is there a point to adding Chrome 3?

  23. Olaf says:

    Jeff, have you tried the SSRC plugin [1]? I am just wondering what “score” it has compared to SVGWeb.

    [1] http://www.savarese.com/software/svgplugin/

  24. @Olaf: I have not tried the SSRC plugin. Since it just a repackaging of Gecko, I would expect it to score similarly to Firefox 3 or 3.5.

  25. Marc says:

    I checked the SVG results in the link ( http://www.codedread.com/svg-support.php)
    The webkit results shows 82%. Which port (win/mac/linux) is used to get these results ?

  26. @Marc: I have ratings for Chrome and Safari 4 on OS/X as well as the occasional nightly WebKit build on OS/X.

  27. Jan Bartel says:

    Hi :-),

    Did you test AmpleSDK http://www.amplesdk.com/ ?
    I would be curious how it scores in your ranking.


  28. @Jan: I haven’t tested amplesdk, since I’d have to modify each test myself to load the JS and render the SVG. This is a good idea though and I’ll contact Sergey to see if he is interested in doing this.

  29. CESAR FILHO says:



  30. @CESAR: I think you’re caps lock key is broken…

  31. CESAR FILHO says:

    Sorry by caps lock 🙂 and for my bad english too… :-)))))

  32. ice says:

    hey great post, thnx for shareing this.

  33. I will make sure the raw results table is updated with all the info (historical, obscure, otherwise) on the next update.

    Great, thanks. 🙂

    But I’m still going to keep the PNG as tight as possible. Should I remove Firefox 3? Chrome 1? Is there a point to adding Chrome 3?

    I noticed you already dumped old versions in the image and I guess this is the best way of keeping things clean: for each implementation, list the current release and the latest beta/nightly seems very reasonable. 😉

    Couple of comments:

    The chart was updated in 2010-02-13 but there was no notification in the blog (reason why I missed it). After you have announced previous updates in the main page it was cool to keep doing it; 😉
    There’s no (textual) information stating that following the image link leads to the complete table with details and dropped versions. I guess it would be valuable to mention it. 🙂

  34. stelt says:

    I guess many people are waiting for Microsoft’s presentation about SVG at MIX. Maybe there’s some good news about IE9 then. Otherwise there are still some updates from Opera, Safari and maybe more.

  35. mabdul says:

    IE9 testbuild is avaible. with svg support. @jeff: work for you! *g*

  36. lutze says:

    Why in test you use Opera 10.5 PRE-ALPHA when there is already stable version?

  37. Galileo says:

    Opera has released a final of 10.50. If you can replace the results from the alpha with results from 10.50 final.

  38. Jeff says:

    @Iutze and @Galileo: No, Opera has not yet released 10.50 final for my platform (OSX). I think they focused on getting the Win version done in time for the Euro browser ballot, but did unfortunately have not released Linux/OSX yet 🙁

  39. lutze says:

    You are right, but at least they released beta version for mac last month:

  40. Alan says:

    I hope you keep the IE9 Preview1 graph up when you publish the results for IE9 Preview2 in a few months.

  41. Jeff says:

    @Alan: Yes, I too am interested in seeing how the IE9 previews improve. Once they come out with a Beta I’ll probably just pare it down to the last preview and the beta, etc.

  42. tsk says:

    Bump for Opera 10.50 testing!

  43. nemo says:

    I tried reproducing your crashes in my local FF3.7 grabbed off of ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-trunk/

    and was unable to do so.

    Actually, the testcases seemed to animate fine. Only problem noted was on one of the crashing tests which presumably is still missing SVG font support so the characters were wrong size.

    Just wondering. Did you file a bug and maybe a link to the about:crashes crash report? Kinda curious how that happened.

  44. Jeff says:

    @nemo: Two days ago I tested a Mozilla nightly and verified that there are no more crashing tests. The Mozilla guys knew about the crashes and have fixed them. I’ll post the results eventually.

  45. pseudo555 says:

    Could you update your chart with opera 10.51 release please ?

  46. To those who keep asking about Opera 10.5x: they have not even released their browser for my platform (OSX) and when they do I anticipate zero change from their 10.50 alpha score already on the chart.

    This chart is all about interoperability. These days Opera is the least interesting score because they already score so high and no browser is close to unseating them. Can you please just be happy with that and stop asking?

  47. Ken says:

    Thanks for the great SVG analysis. Any thoughts on where I might find something comparable for mobile browsers?

  48. nemo says:

    Oh one more thing kind of related to the chart.
    You mind terribly specifying a color: to go along w/ your background-color: on the details page?

    Is hard to read if using light coloured text.

    Also, Chromium may have a high score, but I wish they’d fix:

    I’ve been waiting on that one for a while now. As their market share grows, gets more annoying.

  49. stella says:

    oh dear, this looks terrible. I had hopes about SVG but 25% in IE9?
    The only browser that looks decent is Opera.
    Info on the test suite and what aspects each browser failed would be welcome (cf QuirksMode).