The disappointing season finale of Heroes has made me even more hopeful for the 2 hour Lost season finale tonight, got to try and lower my expectations so I don't get crushed... Meanwhile, Jess posted this link to an absolutely hilarious visual recap of Lost Season 3 (best viewed if you already know what happened this season).

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  1. Jess says:

    Yeah, I’m trying to temper my expectations for Lost, as well. So far, it’s not working. I’m pretty sure the first thing I said to my wife when the alarm clocked sounded this morning was, “Tonight’s the big night! It’s the Lost finale!”

    I probably need psychiatric help at this point. 😉

  2. Jeff Coleman says:

    I lost track of Lost after three or four episodes this season, I’ll probably catch up with it on DVD sometime this summer. I’m pleased about the announcement that the show has a finite run planned now, that is a good idea for a show like this.