To supplement all the iPhone buzz, I thought I'd throw up a few totally unrelated links/stories I found in my feed aggregator to make you a well-rounded geek.

Weaning Off The Microsoft Juice

As a hobby, I develop in Linux these days using KDevelop. For Windows, I still use Microsoft's Visual C++ because Developer's Studio is still one of the best IDEs I've come across for Windows. Doug just released a self-contained Eclipse CDT plus MinGW compiler. If that doesn't mean anything to you, so be it - but it's something I'm excited about. Looks like he also acknowledges that Eclipse CDT can be slow/sluggish so probably still lots of work to do. I should get around to testing this one day. If you code C/C++ in Windows - what do you use?

Organizize Your Google Docs

Google Docs updates allow you to now organize your documents into online folders - and the web browser inches a little closer to a platform that replaces things you do with your operating system...

Google Maps Snaps

Via Download Squad, Google Maps has added an awesome new feature. Now if you don't like the directions that you get, you can click and drag to change your route. The blue directional route snaps to the streets that you will have to take. Pretty impressive stuff (though I did notice that if you click and drag enough it can get pretty confused - I'm sure they'll refine their snapping/merging algorithm).

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