The SVG LogoSVGI’ve updated my marketshare spreadsheet for May 2010 charting the percentage of web users who can view SVG: 40.55%

P.S. This figure does not take into account any user that has a SVG plugin installed or authors who have used the excellent SVG Web shim, so this is really a worst-case number.

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2 Comments to “SVG Marketshare: May 2010”

  1. David says:

    Hey Jeff,

    For Opera,
    I read 0.37% on StatOwl (instead of 0.00%)
    I read 2.00% on W3counter (instead of 1.44%)

    Maybe you should take version 9 into account.
    Is that what’s missing ?

  2. GVS says:

    Apple just released Safari 5.0 today, can you please test and see how is their SVG support?