740 – Olimpus Aliens

Another panel from Flash #113, May 1960
Another panel from Flash #113, April 1960

The second story in Flash #113 (April 1960) re-surfaces an old idea: the ancient Greek Gods were actually aliens who interacted with mankind in the past. We have seen this storyline before with Captain Comet back in 1952. This time we have Zus, Po-Siden, Boreas from “the Galactic Universe of Olimpus in the fourth quadrangle of space” discovering Earth is an ancient colony once founded by their forefathers. The flashback shows a ship that is very reminiscent of the U.S.S. Enterprise

Colonists in Flash #113, April 1960

They resolve to re-conquer the planet as their colony, but the Flash resists and that eventually convinces these tired gods that the Earth has now won their “independence”.