321 – Batman Dickless Again

A panel from World's Finest #24, July 1946
A panel from World’s Finest #24, July 1946

In World’s Finest #24 (July 1946), Bruce Wayne full-hand slaps Dick Grayson for spilling a cup of water on him, publicly denouncing him, and sending him back to an orphanage. Batman is Dick-less again! Of course this is so that Dick can infiltrate an orphanage and spoil some crooks’ plans. Of course all is better afterwards and Bruce re-adopts Dick.

Boy does Bruce look like a complete asshole here! Couldn’t they think of a better way to infiltrate the orphanage than this?!? And don’t you think the orphanage would question whether sending Dick back to live with this abusive bully is a good idea? Of course it’s really just sloppy writing and a cheap attempt at shocking the reader into completing the story.