348 – Manhattan’s Files from the Crypt

A panel from Manhattan's Files from International Comics #1, February 1947
A panel from Manhattan’s Files from International Comics #1, February 1947

EC Comics began to expand its lineup beyond educational comics in the late 1940s. In early 1947, EC launched the first set of “Entertaining Comics” including International Comics #1 (February 1947). International featured a series of adventure-type stories, including Van Manhattan, “America’s newest supersleuth”. Van Manhattan was joined by Igor the Archer, Juan Meatball, and Madelon (“The First Lady of the Lens”). The internet suggests that Manhattan’s Files was written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Howard Purcell.

As EC Comics evolved they took to repeatedly re-naming their series of comic books, so that over the course of a couple years, International Comics eventually becomes Crime Stories, which eventually becomes The Crypt of Terror which eventually becomes the famous Tales from the Crypt!