355 – Superman, Distant Suns

A panel from World's Finest #29, May 1947
A panel from World’s Finest #29, May 1947

Powering-up Superman in service of the plot-of-the-month continues in World’s Finest Comics #29 (May 1947). In this issue, Superman is challenged by Lois Lane to bind different books of a collector with unique materials. In one instance he races to the lost continent of Atlantis, in another he needs to find a unicorn bone, in another (pictured above) he races across interstellar space to plunge into the heart of a giant star to find neutronium.

What angers me even more than the silly plot is its truly cringe-worthy dialogue between Lois and Superman that shows just how vapid Lois has become over the course of a decade.

Lois gives calls Superman "Supie" in World's Finest Comics #29, May 1947
Lois gives calls Superman “Supie” in World’s Finest Comics #29, May 1947