466 – JSA Jets Out

A panel from All-Star Comics #57, December 1950

The last appearance of the Justice Society for more than ten years occurs in All-Star Comics #57 (December 1950) with “The Mystery of the Vanishing Detectives”. It’s mostly a bland story about a crime syndicate boss named The Key, but I did find it interesting that a panel featuring Wonder Woman’s invisible plane describes it as being able to achieve “3000 miles per-minute”. That’s 240x the speed of sound! Yet it still would take Wonder Woman eight minutes to circle the globe, so far slower than Flash or Superman.

Other than Wonder Woman, this is the last we see of several Golden Age heroes for some time: The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, The Atom, Doctor Midnite, and the Black Canary. Goodbye Golden Age of Comics!